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Here are links to my lectures for CLT, click on a link to open a window to CLT to find out more about each course.


Effective drafting in matrimonial finance (6 hours)


Matrimonial Finance Update (3 hours)


Advocacy in Matrimonial Finance (6 hours)


Financial Remedy Strategies - your ultimate roadmap (5 hours)




CLT certificate in family law and procedure

(12 hours) Day 1 taught by Stephen Parker. Day 2 taught by Mena Ruparel


Tricky Issues in Matriminal Finance

(6 Hours) Intermediate


The Average Money Divorce: The Junior Lawyer’s Guide to Success

5 hours - Foundation



Consent Orders in Matrimonial Finance - the Devil is in the detail (1.5 hours)


Costs in financial applications - Getting it right (1.5 hours)


Drafting s25 Witness statements (1.5 hours)


Financial Orders - Practical enforcement (1.5 hours)


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