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On Monday I was presenting a seminar in Leicester in the afternoon. I took the train and then a taxi to the venue.


I got in the first taxi in the queue waiting outside the station. After I told the driver the destination, he said "How much do you want to pay?"


I was a little taken aback, I could see that he had a meter and as a good (read suspicious) lawyer I was wary of him asking this question.

He clarified his offer, "Do you want to pay fouteen pounds or I can turn on the meter?"



"Fourteen or Forty?" I asked dubiously.


"Fourteen -one - four".


I thought about this briefly. I knew from looking at Google maps that the hotel wasn't within walking distance, Google estimated a driving time of 15-20 minutes. The fixed offer worked out £1 per minute, if the time estimate was right. It didn't seem extortionate to me.




I don't really know what the fare should be from the station to the hotel. If I opted for the metered taxi ride, I could be charge double that sum. The traffic could be heavy, there might be roadworks. Or I could be charged half that sum, maybe.


Personally, I detest sitting in traffic watching the meter slowly changing. My blood pressure rises, by the time I get to the venue i feel as though i'm worn out. The choice was an easy one for me.


"I'll pay £14."


The taxi ride was much more pleasant as the issue of cost was resolved.


At the seminar I was chatting to some of the delegates during the break about fixed fees for financial remedy work. Having successfully introduced this regime at my previous firm over 12 months ago, I know that the clients prefer the option of a fixed fee.The firm also had a better cashflow as a result.


It s no brainer. So why are lawyers so reticent to introduce them in financial remedy work?

In House Course Testimonial

‘Mena Ruparel is a knowledgeable,  authoritative and engaging  Lecturer who encouraged the delegates to interact with her; ‘Hot Topics in Family Finance’ contained a wealth [excuse the pun] of useful information for Family Lawyers’

Paralegal Testimonial

I first met Mena whilst studying for my undergraduate law degree during my placement year at Goodhand and Forsyth, where she was engaged as a consultant solicitor in the firm’s family department. I was initially interviewed for my position at Goodhand and Forsyth by Mena and she later became my training supervisor.

Teaching testimonial

"I first met Mena a few years ago, just a couple of years after I started practicing family law.  Mena was lecturing near Regent Street and I remember it being all about matrimonial finance for family lawyers.  I was immediately struck by her warmth and she engaged straightaway with me and was interested in what I had to say.

Consultant Testimonial

 "Mena Ruparel is one of those disarming persons who mixes her knowledge, skill and experience with a generous personality and good natured practicality.

Her vast competence is reflected in her position as a senior matrimonial practitioner, lecturer, trainer and arbitrator.

Best testimonial

"I would though like to take the opportunity of saying that having attended family law and other subject courses over 36 years I have never found any lecturer better than Mena Ruparel".

Pension specialist testimonial

 "I've worked with Mena on many divorce cases and found her to be technically excellent. She always has a firm understanding of her clients position and what is right for them."

Client testimonial

"I am writing to let you know how happy I have been with the help Mena has been to me through what has been the most difficult time in my life."

Delegate testimonial

“The best seminar I have ever been to and possibly the most knowledgeable speaker – lots of extra content about the cases which makes it interesting.”

Arbitration testimonial

"Mena and I very successfully worked together on an Arbitration to deal with the financial aspects of a divorce, which had a number of complicating features.

Blog writing testimonial

"Mena has been ghost writing informative family law pieces for our website and a variety of local press for some months now. Her suggested articles are topical and are written in an intelligent but easy to comprehend  way for the lay person.

Mediator testimonial

Having known Mena Ruparel as a family lawyer advising and representing a considerable number of our mediation clients, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her. I consider her to be ethical, highly competent and exceptionally focussed on helping clients in separation and divorce reach a dignified and fair conclusion.

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