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The following testimonial is written by the Managing Partner of a Tier 1, Legal 500 firm. I have been working with the firm for nearly a year to write blog articles for their website, newspaper articles and marketing pieces.

"Mena has been ghost writing informative family law pieces for our website and a variety of local press for some months now. Her suggested articles are topical and are written in an intelligent but easy to comprehend  way for the lay person.

She also carries out research when needed for the family lawyers in the Firm as she has a terrific technical ability in all matters family. 

She delivers pieces promptly and will undertake urgent work when required. 
Mena is an educated, personable young woman who has a wealth of knowledge in the field of family law and is a pleasure to work with on every level. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to other family law firms."



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