Finance and family law. Unravelling the mysteries of financial products

26th September 2016

Are you confused by the array of financial products that appear in family law cases? Do you know the difference between various assets and the impact they could have on the outcome of your client's case?

Mena is kindly joined by Lisa Conway-Hughes of Westminster Wealth management, chartered financial planners, to explain various financial products and how they can affect the outcomes of cases for your clients.

In the webinar Lisa covered:

1) How to differentiate between a savings plan and an investment plan – e.g. a bond
2) Pensions – understand the different types of pensions
3) What the new rules mean for pensions in divorce proceedings
4) Pensions and Life Cover – how to make sure your client doesn’t lose out in settlement negotiations
5) Offshore or Onshore –what is the main difference

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