A new day - a new procedure

How to proceed with Arbitration?

As Arbitration was only introduced in March 2012, many people (Judges, barristers, Solicitors, Cilex members and clients!) are still getting to grips with this new process.

In order to assist everyone, three fellow Arbitrators at FamilyArbitrator have drafted a checklist to use in anticipation of the first appointment with the Arbitrator.

It would be enormously helpful if readers of this article could take the time to have a look at the checklist and give us some feedback. Any feedback given on this website is confidential and I don't need to publish your comments (if you don't want me to!). If you would like to be involved at the beginning of this new and positive dispute resolution process, get involved with the debate here or on the associated Linkedin group.

Thank you for your time and many thanks to FamilyArbitrator for letting me use their checklist on my site.

The Checklist

Stay Informed

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