Monday 2nd November 2015

Pensions and pension sharing can be a highly complex and confusing area for family solicitors. But this area can have a potentially very high impact on the outcomes of matters for clients.

Mark Penston of Bluesky Chartered Financial Planners has very kindly joined us for this webinar to explain the ins and outs of this subject. Mark also addressed some of the most common questions solicitors have in regards to this area.

In part one of this two part webinar Mark covered:

1.Pensions structure (establishing what sort of scheme it is)
2.What’s changed – Pensions flexibility (what difference does it make?)
3.Changes to the State pension & effect on sharing
4.Contracting out – What does it mean & what difference does it make?
5.Pension sharing – Putting it in context
6.Actuaries, pension’s experts, IFAs – what’s the difference, who does what and who should I use?