Why podcast?

What is a podcast, you might wonder?

It is quite simple really, its an audio clip, a bit of information to listen to rather than read an article, a book or a leaflet.

My series of podcasts (when I get them going) will fall into two categories.

  1. Legal. In practice I come across bits and pieces of information about forms, courts and processes that perhaps other people might find helpful. I intend to put these bits and pieces onto the website, sometimes as a blog and other times as a podcast.
  2. Not Legal. The "not legal" series of podcasts will take the form of conversations, stories and thoughts from other people in the legal world. This stream should be more entertaining than educational.

The reason I hope to have the second stream of podcasts is that I meet quite a lot of people who have great stories from the legal world and I hope that those people won't mind me sharing them with you.

Decree Absolute Respondent Application
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